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Wait and Research

Get to know a company before hiring them.

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We all the know the feeling; the excitement that comes with a having a vision for your home. The urge for a new project for your and to get it done as soon as possible. And when you find a company that can achieve just that, it seems like the perfect sign! However, it might be a warning sign. 

To give real life experience, here is a situation we encountered. We were called in to quote a backyard project. Upon arriving on site we noticed the home already had a fibreglass pool that was already installed, filled, and running. But the client was not satisfied or provided all they were promised from the previous contractor. 

However, after taking a look around that is when the problems started to show. The first red flag was when the client informed us that the contractor company they hired said they could install the pool ASAP or in two months. So with that excitement and anticipation, of course they choose right away! The pool had then been installed in just three days.

The pool may have been up and running, but the installation wasn’t completely finished. The pool stone coping and water feature were only roughed in leaving not only an unaesthetic look but unsafe. Once the pool itself was installed the company had collected another deposit and stopped communication, leaving some of the work they had discussed not even started. 

In addition to the problems with the pool itself, the client’s full vision was achieved for their backyard. They had wanted a backyard oasis, pool, entertainment and outdoor living. All what the prior company had promised but didn’t deliver. 

Landscaping is an investment and we believe clients should get what they envisioned right off the bat. Their dreams should be met and expectations surpassed. And this backyard had many missed opportunities. After listening to what the client had hope they would have received the first time, we meet a few times after to plan out how we can fix the pool problems and really finish the project. Including adding in landscaping to tie in the pool and complete the backyard.

Lesson to learn and something everyone should be aware of when hiring a company is if a company you’re looking at hiring says they can be there the next day or next week to do the project, that’s when it’s time to stop and think. Why do they have this sudden availability? Why are they jumping right in? Why is it so quick compared to all other companies?

Most of the time a company that can begin right away usually means they have little to no clients or projects. Whether it be their quality of work, their customer service, their products; there is usually a reason — not a good one. Unless they are an up and coming company, which you can usually tell and they are upfront about. 

Any good reputable and accountable company will most likely not have availability in their schedule to start right away. They would be busy with a roster of projects already lined up. They will take the time to talk with you about your project and your budget, get a plan in place, educate you about the products and work through a process before beginning a project. 

Just because they give you a good speech, propose a good design and quick turnaround, doesn’t mean they do good work. This tip of the trade: wait and research! When you’re picking a company, go to a few past project of theirs that are a few years old to see how good their work actually is, how it’s holding up. Read testimonials, hear peoples experiences. See how many projects they have done and at what scale. Remember it’s your money it’s worth the wait to have it done right!